How do I become a Authorised Health Professional (AHP)?

Authorised Health Professionals must meet specific selection criteria which focus on the health professional's knowledge and understanding of the rail occupational environment.  

To register to become an Authorised Health Professional

Step 1

Talk with the relevant rail Network Operator in your state.

Step 2

Book in and attend a training session with an authorised Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Step 3

Complete the new online E-Learning assessment. During training, the authorised Chief Medical Officer (AHP Trainer) will take your first name, surname, and email address to provide to the RIW Service Desk for E-Learning enrolment. Your E-Learning link will be emailed to you.  

Step 4

Once the online assessment has been completed, fill in the AHP Registration/Login/Delete/Update Details Service Request at with your clinic name and contact details, which will be used to update the AHP Master list. This is done weekly.

Step 5

Watch our Video System Walk though for Authorised Health Professionals or refer to our AHP Knowledge Centre for instructions on how to use the RIW System.

RIW Knowledge Centre Link:

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Authorised Health Professional (AHP) Training

The National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers provides guidance for Rail Transport Operators to meet their legislative obligations in managing the risks posed by the ill-health of rail safety workers. The guidance includes the selection and management of health professionals who carry out health assessments on behalf of those operators - these professionals are referred to as Authorised Health Professionals (AHPs). 

While the responsibility for selection and management of AHPs rests with a Rail Transport Operator, a number of organisations are working together to establish a non-mandatory scheme to help embed the standard within the industry. The Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB) and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA), with the support of a cross-industry group of Chief Medical Officers (CMOs), are supporting the standard as a consistent approach to managing the health of rail workers across Australia. 

RISSB works with CMOs to develop and maintain a set of training materials to ensure that all AHP's are trained to the standard, while the ARA captures the details of trained AHP's within the RIW Program. The training program is considered best practice by the consulted Chief Medical Officers, even though it does not represent an official unit of competency or lead to a formal qualification. 

Training to the National Standard for Category 1, 2 and 3 Rail Medicals is run periodically across Australia. Please contact the relevant Chief Medical Officer in your jurisdiction to register.

Upcoming TrainingLocationChief Medical Officer Contact

BrisbaneDr Maria Mazaheri
Phone: 07 3019 1818

Dr Keith Adam
Phone: 1300 588 440

Dr David Jones
Phone: 07 3055 5971

MelbourneDr Stuart Turnbull
Phone: 03 9224 8398
  • 17:00 on 28/8 at Rydges Sydney Central 28 Albion St, Surry Hills

  • 09:00 on 31/8 at 53-55 Maitland St, Narrabri

  • 08:30 on 7/9 at Rydges Sydney Central 28 Albion St, Surry Hills

SydneyDr Armand Casolin
  • 08:00 on 06/10 (contact Dr June Sim for more information)

  • 15:00 on 11/10 (contact Dr June Sim for more information)
PerthDr Craig White
Phone: 08 9230 0200

Dr Joel Silbert
Phone: 08 6298 8400

Dr June Sim

VirtualDr Rob McCartney
Phone: 03 9453 2834

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