Known Issue: Cosmetic refresh of RIW System icons (October 2022 4.8 Release)

Some RIW System users may experience a cosmetic issue related to the new icons delivered as part of the October 2022 release.  

Example - Old IconsExample - New Icons


For users that have used the previous version (4.7) of the RIW System in their browser, old icons may display when they access the upgraded version (4.8). This is due to the browser caching the previous icons and not refreshing them after the upgrade.

How to deal with the issue

Users can manually refresh their browser cache to override the locally cached version. When you are in the RIW System you can press the following keys to reload the cache:

  • Windows - CTRL + SHIFT + R
  • Mac/Apple - CMD + R

When will the issue be resolved?

A permanent fix will be applied shortly.

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