How does an Access Controller award a competency on the RIW App?

This article details how an Access Controller can award a competency to a Rail Industry Worker on the RIW App.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Access Controller


After logging in to the RIW App, tap on Award Competencies on the home screen. 

The Access Controller can only award a competency that is permitted to be awarded via the RIW App. 


Select the competency Category from the drop down list, which could be project induction, site induction or zone induction.


Select the required Competency from the drop down list. Tap Done.


Scan the RIW card of the Rail Industry Worker you wish to issue the competency.


When the Rail Industry Worker's profile appears, tap Award where no evidence is required to be loaded (see next step if evidence is required).


Tap Add Evidence if evidence is required to support the competency award. The RIW App will then give the Access Controller access to their camera to upload a photo of the evidence. Such evidence could include a pre-start, site induction , toolbox delivery record etc. After the evidence has been added click Award.


The competency is now awarded.  

Continue to add competencies to other cardholders in your team by repeating these steps.

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