How does a Rail Industry Worker sign in and out of a RIW Kiosk?

This article details how a Rail Industry Worker can sign into a RIW Kiosk on site.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Rail Industry Worker


To sign in, tap the RIW Sign-In tile on the Kiosk home page.


Place your RIW card or virtual RIW card (Vircarda App) with the QR code facing up in the card scanner.  If you do not have your card, you can use the Forgotten Card function detailed at Step 9.


Confirm your identity by tapping on the Yes button.


If a site induction or a site briefing needs to be delivered prior to signing in, you will be presented with the content. Click the forward and back arrows to progress through the induction or briefing and tap Acknowledged when complete.


If a Breathalyser unit is installed, you may be prompted to take a straw and place it in the Breathalyser unit, breathing as instructed.

If the Breathalyser value returns as ‘0.00’, the Breathalyser result is approved

If the Breathalyser value returns more than ‘0.00’, the Breathalyser result has failed. At this point, a notification will be sent to the designated site contact and you will be blocked from entering site pending confirmatory testing.


On the next screen, you must select your Employer and Job role from the available dropdown options. Click submit.

Tap Confirm if you have selected the correct employer and job role for the shift.


If there are any issues with your profile or ability to meet network, project or site requirements, an error message may appear.  Refer to Rail Industry Worker Kiosk deny reasons and solutions for more information.


If no errors are detected, access is now granted. You will be prompted to print a sticker.

 If yes, a badge (sticker) will be printed for you.

You must wear your badge while on site.


If you do not have your RIW card available,le you can click the Forgotten Card button on the sign-in screen.

A pop-up window will appear asking if you know your RIW number. Choose Yes or No.

If you remember your RIW card number, you can enter your RIW number and Date of Birth. If not, then enter your First name, Last Name and Date of Birth


Tap submit when complete and follow the previous sign-on instructions at Step 6 to choose your employer and job role.


You are now signed onto site.

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