How does a cardholder use a standalone Breathalyser unit?

This article details how a cardholder can use a standalone Breathalyser unit that is integrated with the RIW System.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Access Controller
  • Rail Industry Worker (myRIW)


When you attend a site with a standalone Breathalyser unit, scan your RIW card on the QR code reader on the Breathalyser device.

NOTE: Only physical RIW cards can be used. Virtual RIW cards are not accepted.


When prompted, blow into the Breathalyser device. The device will take about 20 seconds to upload the result into the RIW System.


Sign in to site with an Access Controller, who will confirm you meet site requirements. If a non-negative result is recorded, an automatic site block will be placed.

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