How does a cardholder complete an ID check?

When a Primary Employer registers a new Rail Industry Worker (RIW) the RIW Program, the new cardholder will need to undertake an ID check as part of their onboarding. The cardholder will receive an email with a link to complete an ID check. 

The cardholder should follow the instructions and upload the required identification documents as per the requirements outlined in our article What identification documents does a cardholder require to complete an ID check?

Once the ID check process has been paid for and requested, the cardholder will have 10 days before the link expires.

If the new cardholder does not complete the ID check within this time, the Employer will need to purchase a new ID check and start the ID check process again.

The Employer can check the status / progress of the ID check in the RIW system at any time by following the directions in the article How does a company add a new cardholder to the RIW system?

After the ID check process has been completed, the Primary Employer can complete the on boarding process and progress with paying for the subscription and ordering a card.

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