How can a company associate with a cardholder?

An association occurs when a cardholder swipes onto a site or when a company requests to be associated with a cardholder, giving the company visibility of a cardholders profile in advance. The associated company has view only rights of the cardholder profile and does not employ the cardholder. However, associated companies may award Employer, National or Network based competencies.

Step 1

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2

Click on the People tab and then choose the Search for New Associates shortcut.

Step 3

Find the cardholder you wish to associate with by filling in their surname, RIW number and date of birth and clicking Search. Highlight the cardholders name and click on the Associate button.

Step 4

Add a start date for the association request, and if applicable, a leave date.  Click save when complete.

Step 5

The association request will be sent to the cardholder for approval, and must be accepted in the cardholders myRIW account before visibility of their profile is granted. Refer the cardholder to the following articles:

Step 6

The association can be ended by the company or the cardholder at any time.

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